White Urad Split


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Get White Urad Daal Split, Certified Organic in Japan

Are you planning to Buy the White Urad price in Japan? Let’s Discuss the price of the White Urad in Japan.

White Urad Split

Discover the essence of authentic Indian cuisine with our premium White Urad Split, now available at Bengaliana Spice & Halal Food. Sourced from the finest urad dal and meticulously processed, our urad split offers a versatile and nutritious addition to your cooking. Whether you’re preparing traditional Indian dishes like dal makhani or experimenting with new recipes, our White Urad Split provides a rich and creamy texture, enhancing the flavor of your culinary creations. Elevate your cooking with the quality and authenticity of Bengaliana Spice & Halal Food’s premium White Urad Split.

What is the price of White Urad?

The current price of White Urad is ¥450. You can purchase White Urad at the best price from the Bengaliana Spice & Halal Food online store or visit any of our physical stores.

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