Let's Discuss About BANGALIANA Spice & Halal Food

BANGALIANA Spice & Halal Food is a company that sells 100% halal products. All halal things are available in grocery stores. EXAMPLE:

Beef, Mutton & Lamb, Chicken, Duck, Rice, Daal, Bread, Dry Fruits, Flour, Frozen Snacks, Frozen Fish, Juice, Noodles, Oil, Recipe Spices, Pickles, Sweets, Sauces, Snacks , Tea, Whole Spices, Whole spices, Cosmetics, Mobile, Tab,Laptop etc.

Because we are providing 100% halal and fresh products in the most modern quality way and BANGALIANA Spice & Halal Food is trying its best to reach the customer in time.

The main purpose of BANGALIANA Spice & Halal Food is to bring 100% halal products to the Muslim community as well as other all communities in a quality way throughout Japan.

Owner Speech

I am Md Omar Faruk . I have completed my graduation from University Of marketing and distributor Science and now i am starting a food business in Osaka, Japan. Have a chance to think about why I have started this business ?  if i have to say the actual reseason , then i must say that i have planned it at the time of my Student life in Japan ,When i really missed the Asian Halal Food , Sadly, i Didn't Get Enough and Trust Shop to buy .However, I have started it now and am providing  Halal Food for all Muslim People in Japan.  Now , I am Really Happy To be owner of Bangaliana spice & Halal Food. Thanks to All of Our Customer

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