Gulab Jamun 1kg (tin)


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Gulab Jamun 1kg

Looking for a taste of Bengal in Japan? Look no further than Bangaliana-Spice, where you can find the finest quality sweets, including Gulab Jamun 1kg!

Gulab Jamun is a popular dessert in Bengal and throughout South Asia. These sweet, syrupy balls are made from a blend of milk powder, flour, and ghee, and are soaked in a sweet, fragrant syrup. They are a staple at special occasions, such as weddings and festivals, and are loved by people of all ages.

At Bangaliana-Spice, we take great pride in offering our customers in Japan the most authentic and delicious Gulab Jamun 1kg. Our sweets are made using traditional methods and only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor.

Our Gulab Jamun 1kg is perfect for sharing with friends and family, or for indulging in on your own. Serve them warm with a drizzle of syrup for an extra special treat, or enjoy them at room temperature for a delicious snack anytime.

When you order Gulab Jamun 1kg from Bangaliana-Spice, you can trust that you are getting the very best. We are committed to providing our customers with the most authentic and delicious taste of Bengal, and we are excited to share our love of Gulab Jamun with you. Order now and experience the sweet and fragrant flavors of this classic Bengali dessert!


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