Clove Whole 50g


Clove Whole 100g・500g

Clove is a popular spice that’s commonly used in Bangladeshi cuisine, and now you can enjoy its rich and aromatic flavor in Japan with Mehran’s Clove Whole. This premium quality spice is available in a 100g or 500g pack size and is an essential ingredient in many Bangladeshi dishes.

Clove is known for its warm, sweet, and slightly bitter taste and is often used in savory dishes like curries, rice dishes, and biryanis. It’s also used in desserts, teas, and even as a natural remedy for toothaches.

Mehran’s Clove Whole is handpicked and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality spice. It’s packed with essential oils that give it its unique flavor and aroma. Using whole cloves instead of ground cloves is ideal for infusing the spice’s full flavor into your dishes.

Finding authentic Bangladeshi spices in Japan can be challenging, but with Mehran’s Clove Whole, you can add an authentic touch of Bangladeshi flavor to your cooking. The 100g or 500g pack size is perfect for households that frequently use cloves or for experimenting with new recipes.

So, if you’re looking to add some aromatic and flavorful spice to your cooking or want to explore the taste of Bangladeshi cuisine, Mehran’s Clove Whole 100g・500g is a must-have in your pantry. Try it today and experience the rich and warm flavor of this versatile spice in your dishes.

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