Ruti/Chapati 6inch 12p


Premium Chapati/Ruti 6inch 12p

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Bangaliana-spice in Japan, then you need to try our Premium Chapati/Ruti! These 6-inch discs of delight are the perfect complement to any spicy meal.

Made from high-quality ingredients, our chapatis are prepared with a unique blend of spices that bring out the best of Bangaliana cuisine. Each pack contains 12 chapatis, ensuring that you have enough for your family and friends.

Our chapatis are incredibly versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes. You can serve them with your favorite curries, stews, or grilled meats. They’re also perfect for making wraps or sandwiches.

Whether you’re a Bangali living in Japan or just a lover of spicy food, our Premium Chapati/Ruti is the perfect addition to your pantry. So, order now and experience the authentic taste of Bangaliana-spice in every bite!

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  1. Banko

    Always loved this product

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