Sunflower Oil 1Ltr


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Sunflower Oil 1Ltr

If you are looking for a healthy and high-quality cooking oil for your kitchen in Japan, consider Pran’s 1-liter sunflower oil. Pran is a well-known Bangladeshi brand that specializes in providing authentic Bangladeshi spices and cooking ingredients to customers around the world.

Sunflower oil is a popular choice for cooking in Bangladesh because of its mild flavor and high smoke point. It is a healthier option compared to other cooking oils like vegetable oil and canola oil. Pran’s sunflower oil is made from high-quality sunflower seeds, which are carefully processed to ensure that the oil retains its natural aroma and flavor.

Sunflower oil is a staple ingredient in Bangladeshi cuisine and is often used in dishes like curries, lentil soups, and biryani. It is also used in combination with other spices to create the unique Bangaliana-spice flavor profile.

Pran’s 1-liter sunflower oil is a popular choice among Bangladeshi expats in Japan because it reminds them of the taste of home. Its mild flavor profile and versatility make it an excellent option for a variety of dishes, adding a unique touch of Bangaliana-spice to your cooking.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality sunflower oil to use in your cooking in Japan, Pran’s 1-liter sunflower oil is an excellent choice. Its mild flavor, high smoke point, and authentic Bangladeshi flavor will enhance the taste of your dishes, making your cooking stand out with a touch of Bangaliana-spice.


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