Chicken Whole Sadia 1000g


Chicken Whole Sadia 1000g

Looking for high-quality chicken to elevate your dishes in Japan? Look no further than Sadia Chicken Whole from bangaliana-spice! This premium chicken is sourced from trusted suppliers and is perfect for a variety of dishes, from roasting to grilling and more.

Our Sadia Chicken Whole comes in a convenient 1000g package, making it easy to prepare for any meal. And with our signature Bangaliana-spice blend, the flavor is taken to the next level, with a mix of fragrant spices like turmeric, ginger, and cumin enhancing the natural flavor of the chicken.

Whether you’re using it to make a classic Bengali chicken curry, grilling it for a BBQ, or roasting it for a special occasion, our Sadia Chicken Whole is sure to please. And with our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability, you can feel good about the chicken you’re serving to your family and friends.

At bangaliana-spice, we take pride in bringing the unique flavors and culinary traditions of Bengal to Japan, and our Sadia Chicken Whole is no exception. So why not try something new and exciting with our Sadia Chicken Whole from bangaliana-spice? Order yours today and experience the rich and delicious flavor with a Bangaliana-spice twist.


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